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Support Group for Christian Spiritual Formation

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It's easy to get isolated when you don't have a safe community. On Tuesday evenings Rob offers a lesson aimed at Christian living, better relationships, and recovery of spirit, mind, and body. This live webinar also has an interactive Q&A session that ends in prayer. Regardless of where you live, you can find help and hope with The Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual FormationTM weekly webinar.

  • Do you need help for your faith, marriage, or family?
  • Are you concerned, but don’t know where to start?
  • Are you looking for advice on how to cope with a difficult circumstance?
  • Do you struggle with habits, hurts, and hangups?
  • Are you wanting help for family and friends at church? 


Christ-centered. Biblical-Sound. Balanced.

If you’re wanting help that is biblical sound, psychologically sensitive, and easy to follow, I invite you to join my live webinar that includes a Q&A session. Each week you can call in, and join the discussion, or simply watch, listen and learn. 

Join me each Tuesday evening for a lesson, a live Q&A Session, and prayer on topics that relate to your faith, marriage, family, and recovery.

Tuesday Evenings
Meet by Telephone and Internet Connected Device in the Privacy of Your Home

6 Pacific | 7 Mountain | 8 Central | 9 Eastern

It’s simple!

  • Join here
  • Check your email on Tuesday afternoons for instructions on that evening’s live webinar.
  • Click the link in your email to connect to the webinar.
  • During the live Q&A Session, call the telephone number provided in your email, enter the conference code, and  dial *6 when you want to talk with me.

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