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Spiritual Direction for the Whole Person

Thank you for your interest in The Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™ where I specialize in helping individuals, couples, and families learn how enjoy God and sort out the drivers that motivate unwanted behaviors and conditions like: 

  • mood disorders (anxiety and depression)
  • dysfunctional relationships 
  • marital concerns 
  • parenting challenges
  • sexual abuse
  • pornography addiction 
  • spiritual conflicts

Based on Romans 7:15-8:13, my unique, nine-step Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual FormationTM  promotes whole-person wellness in relationship to God. You can learn to integrate your body, mind, and spirit in Christ, by the Spirit, for the Father’s glory.

The Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™ is a faith-based approach for Christians who want to ground their recovery in faith and practice. I also work with an appreciation for the 12 Step program, and cognitive-behavioral approaches.

My  Pastoral Care Agreement will give you a broader understanding of the process and our partnership. 

I offer four different mentoring formats: 

When you’re ready, I’ll serve you with excellence, enthusiasm, and integrity. 

Let's find the approach that will serve you best. Schedule your free 30-minute discovery call now.


Rev. Rob Jackson, MS, LPC, BC-TMH, Founder
ChristianCounsel Ministries™



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