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Learn How to Defeat Unwanted Behaviors That Undermine Your Inner Peace, Your Christian Testimony, and Your Family's Trust


This 3-Day Workshop Includes:

  • 2 nights at Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference Center, a Christian retreat in Colorado Springs
  • Learning how to customize The Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™ to fit your needs
  • Over nineteen hours of teaching and group work
  • Printed materials to help you follow and review the curriculum at home
  • Aftercare with ongoing support through weekly teleclasses
  • Access to recordings of all teaching sessions from the weekend
  • Subsequent workshops for wives who need to process their own trauma and begin their recovery journey.
  • Opportunity and support for past participants who wish to host recovery groups in their own churches



Sex addiction is a scary place to be, especially for the Christian man. It’s hard to know where to turn, who to trust, and what will work. The power of porn has taken you further than you ever intended to go, and you’re afraid of where you’re headed next. You worry about the damage your addiction has already done to your life and to the legacy you want to leave. Your mind reels with questions...

  • How far will this go if I don’t get help?
  • What will I do if I lose my job? Or my marriage? Or my kids?
  • How will I tell my wife I’ve contracted an STD?

You’ve done everything available and nothing has worked. You may have:

  • gotten a filter on your computer, only to find it didn’t filter your heart
  • confessed to accountability partners, but the men didn’t follow up with you
  • gone to counseling but found it didn’t address the effects of exposure to pornography in your childhood or didn’t include your faith.
  • joined a men’s group at church, only to discover that even a quality Bible study is not enough to overcome addiction.

You are not alone in wondering if you will ever find the freedom you so desperately need. Millions of Christians have found themselves mired in the same desperation that has left you feeling scared, angry, and hopeless. But God has not forgotten you. He has made a way back to freedom and wholeness through the work of Christ and the power of His Spirit, as revealed in His Word.


Hello, I’m Rob Jackson, the founder of The Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™ and The Oaks of Righteousness Workshop for Men.

I’ve been helping men escape sex addiction since 1994. With more than thirty years of private practice in Mississippi, Minnesota, Washington, and Colorado, I’ve helped thousands of Christians overcome addiction, anxiety, anger, and marital strife. For the past twenty years I’ve treated Christ followers who suffer from the effects of internet pornography, through my five-day, twenty-hour intensives.

This area of concentration led to opportunities such as writing for Focus On the Family®, serving as a guest on Dr. Dobson’s radio program, and speaking at conferences and churches across the nation. I've also contributed to three books published by Focus On the Family®. 

I’ve been married to my wife, Renee, for thirty-one years, and we have two grown children.

I’m so excited about the potential for healing and transformation that exists within a small group of men who want to pursue holiness and glorify God together. I invited you to join my at our next Oaks of Righteousness Workshop. 



Rob’s model of spiritual formation starts by acknowledging we can’t recover without the Holy Spirit. Over the course of the weekend, we’ll walk together through a comprehensive study of Romans 7:15-8:13. On the solid foundation of God’s Word, we will joyfully incorporate the teachings of some of the best thinkers of our faith, such as John Owen, D. Martin Lloyd Jones, John Piper, and Charles Spurgeon.

Using a thorough understanding of the gospel, applied to spiritual formation, we treat the whole man: body, mind, and spirit. The body and its behaviors are just the tip of the iceberg. This model not only looks at sex addiction but also addresses issues that often accompany it, including anger, anxiety, and loneliness. In the safety of a small group of Christian brothers, you’ll learn how to heal from the trauma of childhood/adolescent pornography exposure, and how this form of sexual abuse leads to sex addiction. Our whole-person approach integrates solid, clinical insights with scriptural, pastoral care.

Our approach is different.

Many of you have been let down by the legalism of simply being told to get a filter and an accountability group. Or, your church may have fallen in the opposite ditch, of minimizing sin and assuring you, “God understands, there’s always more grace.” Neither extreme has gotten you far on the road to recovery. Rob offers a robust theology of Christian recovery that exposes the limitations of over-spiritualizing, over-psychologizing, and behaviorism. His approach is different from anything else being offered in today’s Christian community, because it:

  • Maintains a small leader/participant ratio, with a maximum of eight men per group.
  • Offers follow-up workshops for wives, because they are wounded also.
  • Teaches how the Spirit of God equips you with new desires to create a new reality.
  • Creates a system of trauma recovery that offers ongoing first aid for your spirit and mind.
  • Cultivates a self-regenerating addictions recovery, rooted in spiritual formation.

Reveals how recovery from sex addiction and the practices of the Christian faith are intricately linked.

One of the most trustworthy features of Rob’s approach is that it provides whole-person care instead of merely educating you or plucking your emotional heart-strings. Over the course of three decades in clinical practice, he developed an original, systematic model that applies to every Christian, no matter their background or struggles. His Iceberg Model of Spiritual Formation™ emphasizes the Holy Spirit as the necessary agent for transformation. Rather than simply offering you a collection of inspirational stories, self-help mantras, and random applications, his system establishes your recovery on the firm foundation of spiritual maturity and sound, biblical theology.

[July26] On Friday we will:

Check in at 11:00 AM

  • Create a safe environment for men to share and support each other in Christ.
  • Assure you that, while unconfessed sin and a dual life create conviction in the believer, we’re not here to further shame you.
  • Offer an overview of Christian spiritual formation and help you discover where are you in this process. Are you not yet in Christ? Are you trying to live religiously? Are you a carnal Christian? Or are you walking daily by the Spirit
  • Guide you into journaling, prayer, and scripture meditation to apply God’s truth.


[July 27] On Saturday we will:

  • Teach you The Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™, a systematic approach to recovery that goes step by step, building principle upon principle
  • Gain clarity about why you act out (your drivers)
    Introduce the trauma matrix, which connects the dots between past experiences and current struggles
  • Create your genogram, a tool to help you see patterns within your family of origin
    Focus on the person of the Holy Spirit, who indwells and equips each believer

[July 28] On Sunday we will:

Finish after lunch at Noon

  • Discover the transformation that occurs on the right side of the iceberg
  • Develop a personalized blueprint for your ongoing recovery at home
  • Discuss the role of community in the life of the healthy Christian
  • Put your new insights into perspective, with a vision for what Christ is doing in and through you within your family, job, church, and community
    Introduce you to the ‘Three A’s’ of the Christian recovery lifestyle

The workshop incorporates themes such as:

  • The theology of recovery, not just the psychology
  • Mortifying sin instead of just managing behavior
  • Legalism vs. Antinomianism: faith in Christ and works carried out by the Holy Spirit
  • Sexuality in the context of Christian formation
  • Reactions in the flesh vs. responses by the Spirit in every area of life, not just sexuality
  • How to deal with anger and loneliness
  • Understanding your new identity in Christ
  • The efficacy of Christ’s attonement

The Value:

It’s been talked about in hundreds of intensives, shared at national conferences and now you can have the same model of recovery others have paid more than four times this amount to receive, for the reduced rate of just $995.

The workshop includes:

  • two nights at Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference Center in Colorado Springs
  • 9 meals
  • the workshop notebook with handouts for each recovery talk.
  • recovery talks
  • time to process and apply what you learn
  • 26 weekly tele-classes offered on Thursday evenings

Total Value (Over $3000) 
Total Cost ($997) = Over $2000 in Savings!

Have you considered what you've already spent on your secret life of addiction? Our registration fee is roughly the equivalent of buying one self-help book a week, for one year, and it’s certainly less expensive than a divorce, which now costs around $15,000. Investing in the Oaks of Righteousness Workshop is a small investment with immeasurable gain. You will reap the benefits of this weekend for the rest of your lifetime. Your children and grandchildren will receive the fruits of this harvest of your legacy of faith for generations to come.

Included in Aftercare:

  • Weekly iceberg teleclasses on Thursday nights,
  • including the potential for small group connections with other alums
  • Counselor selection assistance
  • Support group selection assistance
  • Subsequent workshop for wives
  • Audio recording of all teaching sessions on a member-only website

Frequently Asked Questions

Anticipating Your Concerns

Recovery in Christ by the Spirit is absolutely possible. We offer an intimate, systematic approach that helps you to optimize your entire life in Christ, including overcoming sexual sin. However, recovery is always harder and takes longer than the newly-recovering person imagines. Many times a person has been caught rather than confessing to problem. That leaves this person still in a state of denial, if not minimization. So yes you can recover. We don't believe simply in ‘once an addict always an addict’ but you're going to have to recover for the rest of your life, just like every Christian must be in the process of sanctification for the rest of his life.

Christian recovery begins with reality and includes honesty. Trying to recover alone while keeping your wife in the dark is still leading a double life, only slightly improved. Without confiding in your wife, you not only miss the opportunity of having her support, but you leave her at a disadvantage for her own recovery.

We are a small company, so we don't have a research firm that can give you actual statistics. We can tell you some factors that increase the probability of a man’s success. If you come to the workshop with an open heart and open mind, ready to work, you're going to be able to learn how to recover the rest of your life. As you recover in Christ, by the Spirit, you'll find that mere success over porn is no longer your highest goal. Intimacy with God and personal integrity toward others become the ultimate goals of your recovery.

We live in a binary world and want to think that it has to be either this or that. When it comes to sex addiction, it is both sin and addiction. For example, you have a sin, which is a behavior, and you repeat it and that becomes a habit. You take a habit and, repeated, it becomes a compulsion. Take the compulsion and repeat that, it develops into an addiction. Now your sin has become a neurological problem. Thus, addiction is just sin, compounded over time.

Scripture shows us that it is inevitable for Christians to struggle with any number of sins, because of our individual sin natures. Conversion through faith in Christ does not automatically change your personality or your personal proclivities toward certain sins. I think where this question becomes an issue is when a person who claims to be a Christian is no longer fighting his sin and has come to prefer it over walking with Christ, or has come to believe he can't do any better. So, as for whether or not a Christian can actually be a sex addict, yes, it's possible, but over a lifetime we would expect a Christian to have a gradual course correction. One of the distinctive characteristics of a Christian is the effect of having the Holy Spirit indwelling him. God’s Spirit causes him to not want to be a sex addict anymore, even as he is still struggling to overcome the behaviors and neurology of addiction.

  • Four stages of Christian spiritual formation
  • The iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™
  • Self-examination
  • Consecration
  • Transformation
  • Trauma
  • Accountability
  • Making amends
  • Being an ambassador for Christ in the work of recovery
  • Genogram
  • Bible study on Roman 7:15 - 8:13
  • Relapse prevention
  • Optimizing aftercare
  • Restoring your wife's broken trust
  • Leaving a legacy of faithfulness

This workshop is for men, ages eighteen and up, who struggle with any of these conflicts:

  • Exposure to porn during childhood and adolescence
  • Other forms of sexual trauma
  • Lust/sexual fantasy
  • Pornography use
  • Infidelity/affairs/use of prostitutes
  • Compulsive masturbation
  • Shame or lying about sexual sin

There will be openings for eight men per workshop. We limit the number of participants because we want each individual to have an opportunity to truly get his needs met.

Rev. Rob Jackson, MS, BC-TMH, has helped hundreds of men and their families heal from the effects of sex addiction since 1994. He has practiced in Mississippi, Tennessee, Minnesota, Washington, and Colorado, treating clients who suffer from addiction, anxiety, anger, trauma, marital, and family strife. For the past twenty years he has done five-day, twenty-hour intensive therapy with Christ followers suffering the devastating effects of internet pornography. This professional experience led to opportunities such as writing for Focus On the Family, serving as a guest on Dr. Dobson’s radio program, and speaking at conferences and churches across the nation. He and his wife, Renee, have been married for thirty-one years, and have two grown children who walk with the Lord.

You can signup at the bottom of this web page. 

We offer these workshops quarterly.

The Oaks of Righteousness workshop for men is located at a Christian retreat center called Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference Center in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

Participants will be allowed to keep their personal cell phones, but we request that they not be on the Internet and please limit their phone calls to family members, for emergencies only.

If an emergency arises before the workshop, a registrant has three options:

1. Apply your payment to another workshop with no additional fees.

2. Cancel at least two weeks prior to the workshop and receive a full refund, minus a cancellation fee of $50.

3. Since we have to pay our host venue in full, in advance, if you cancel within two weeks of your reservation, we have already paid them for your spot. If this is your only option we will gladly refund you half of the price you paid.

The cost for the workshop is $995 and it includes:

  • two nights at Glen Eyrie Castle and Conference Center
  • 9 meals
  • the workshop notebook with handouts for each recovery talk.
  • lectures
  • small groups
  • 26 weekly tele-classes offered on Thursday evenings

Total Value (Over $3000)
Total Cost ($997) = Over $2000 in Savings!

Have you considered what you've already spent on your secret life of addiction? Our registration fee is roughly the equivalent of buying one self-help book a week, for one year, and it’s certainly less expensive than a divorce, which now costs around $15,000. Investing in the Oaks of Righteousness workshop is a small investment with immeasurable gain. You will reap the benefits of this weekend for the rest of your lifetime. Your children and grandchildren will receive the fruits of this harvest of your legacy of faith for generations to come.

Please call us toll-free at 888.891.HOPE and we will be happy to address your questions or visit

The Process:

Christian recovery is an incremental work of grace that includes the practice of self-examination, confession of our sins, and sober, Spirit-filled living. Rob’s original Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™ guides you step-by-step into the recovery of your soul, its purpose, and how to recover from sex addiction into intimacy with God. This model involves three movements of the Holy Spirit in the life of the Christian:

I. Self examination - discovering what’s driving your addiction

Step One - How to Identify Self-defeating Behaviors, Rituals, and Routines. Like the tip of an iceberg that hints at the larger danger that lurks below, learn how self-defeating behaviors reveal the depth and degree of your addiction.

Step Two - How to Identify Distorted Thoughts. An accurate assessment of your thought life is an important recovery task. By learning how to identify your distorted thoughts you're on your way to a more effective recovery.

Step Three - How to Identify Damaged Emotions. Left unchecked, damaged emotions accelerate your addiction, leading you to act out what you can’t otherwise express. Learn how to inventory the emotions you experience before, during, and after acting out.

Step Four - How to Identify Divided Desires. Every fruit comes from a root, and every behavior is ultimately the desire of the heart. See how your carnal desires distract you from the greater reality of God's love, and you can finally surrender to God completely.


II. Identity in Christ - abiding in Christ creates new desires

Step 5 - How to Cultivate an Intimate Friendship with God. We're passionate about reintroducing Christians to the fullness of God the Father, Son, and Spirit. Befriended by Christ and reconciled to the Father, you can move into an intimate relationship with the indwelling Holy Spirit, who overcomes your sins, compulsions, and addictions.

What is repentance borne out of God’s kindness, and how can a man abide in an ongoing state of repentance and intimacy with God?

Galatians 5:16 tells us, “But I say, walk by the Spirit, and you will not gratify the desires of the flesh.” Do you know how to apply that and make it real, not just inspirational? You may believe it without ever actually having experienced it before.


III. Transformation - true change, from the inside out

Step 6 - How to Nurture Divine Desires. If worldly desires were the root of your problems, then it becomes necessary to identify and nurture the desires that God created to fulfill you in the first place.

Step 7 - How to Heal Damaged Emotions. Having seen how vulnerable you were to damaged emotions, now invest in practices that regulate and heal your emotions.

Step 8 - How to Renew Distorted Thoughts. Thoughts are blessings or curses, but none are simply neutral. By learning how to renew your distorted thoughts in Christ, you can steal the energy from your sins, compulsions, and addictions.

Step 9 - How to Go from Good to Godly Behaviors. Before recovery, you tried to replace bad behaviors with better ones. Within a deep friendship with God, you can finally connect your behavioral goals to your core values.

Dealing with Trauma:

One of the most important tasks of recovery is learning to heal from trauma. Did you know that exposure to pornography during childhood and adolescence is a form of sexual abuse? Children don’t usually think of it as traumatic, but consider it this way: if the people they saw in those pornographic images were instead actual, naked adults performing these acts in the room with them, it would not only be inappropriate and illegal, but quite frightening.

In this workshop Rob teaches you what constitutes passive and active sexual abuse. He helps you know how to heal from trauma, including the trauma of childhood exposure to pornography. Childhood sexual abuse is a seed that, years later, often produces sex addiction. Overcoming its effects involves such tasks as:

  • Changing the faulty arousal templates established by sexual abuse
  • Realizing you can’t surrender to God what you haven’t admitted to yourself
  • Learning to perform first aid for your thoughts, emotions, and spirit


The Three A’s: Drafting your whole-person recovery blueprint

It's one thing to be sincere about recovery. It's yet another to have a practical plan that you can measure. Learn how to draft a whole-person recovery blueprint that addresses your body, mind, spirit, and relationships.

  • Accountability - the essential role of community in ongoing healing and growth
  • Amends - restoring relationships within your marriage, family, church, and beyond
  • Ambassadorship - taking the comfort you’ve received to those who still suffer


Addiction is an accumulation of sins that, over time, results in neurological changes to the brain. Your five senses collect and transmit stimuli, the effects of which eventually capture the reasoning of your mind and the passion of your spirit. Perhaps you are sure of your salvation in Christ. Do you have an equal faith in the Holy Spirit, who is the sponsor of your recovery? Do you have a high view of scripture that includes the possibility of being transformed by the renewing of your mind?

The full effects of the gospel and Christ’s salvation include the benefit of whole-person recovery, so why settle for less?

"Recovery is a Gospel benefit that cannot be separated from Christ. We recover in Christ, by the Spirit, or not at all."

Rob Jackson
Founder, The Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™

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