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With more than thirty years of experience, Rob Jackson has helped thousands of clients sort through a variety of challenges. If you're a first time caller, take advantage of a free discovery call, and let's see how he can help you. 



Rest assured that Rob invites you to bring your faith in Christ to your coaching session. He routinely integrates Scriptures and prayer. 


Meet with Rob in the privacy of your home via the telephone or Zoom's video conferencing platform. Less stress is always a good thing! 


Privacy is important, and it's only natural that you need some assurance. 

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Trusted by Focus on the Family®

Rob has written over twenty-five articles for Focus on the Family's Pure Intimacy® website, contributed to three of their books, and was interviewed by Dr. James Dobson for his radio broadcast.

"Rob has a way of listening and responding that helps us get to the heart of our issues. He genuinely cares and leads us toward improving our relationship with God first. We are very thankful for his wise counsel."

"Rob's expertise is second to none. He offers supportive, pro marriage wisdom and advise that has actual real life positive results when applied. He is able to help create an environment that allows both spouses a safe place to express hurts and emotions and never taking one side or another. Highly recommend!!!"

"I feel like I can breath easier after another phone counseling session. You give hope. Your schedule and options are accommodating. Your guidance is practical. You give space to say real things out loud, and you validate the hurts and fears. And then best of all, you help us take those feelings to the truth of God's word and this can lead to real healing and change. God bless you."

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