Brief Intensive Therapy

Christians aren't exempt from life's problems, and in many cases, we're harder on ourselves than others can imagine. Frustrated, ashamed, and frightened to ask for help, many remain in situations that could improve significantly with professional Christian counseling.  


Recovery is a gospel benefit that cannot be separated from Christ. We recover in Christ, by the Spirit, one day at a time. Believing everyone needs recovery, whether or not addictions are present, Rob contextualizes recovery within Christian spiritual formation. 

Integrated Care

Comprehensive, whole person care for body, mind, and spirit is supported by careful integration of evangelical theology and psychology. Integration prevents over-spiritualizing, over-psychologizing, and becoming too focused on trying to manage unwanted behaviors. 

Experienced Help

With over 30 years experience, Rob offers intensives for a variety of concerns including personal growth, marriage, parenting, homeschooling dynamics, spiritual abuse, and sexuality - including abuse, infidelity, childhood/teenage porn exposure, and addiction.

Rob Jackson's Unique Approach

Featuring the Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™

Think of the Brief Intensive Therapy as a fast track to healing and a new life. Rather than attempting to resolve your concerns one hour at a time, week after week, why not dig in and get it done?

By working over three consecutive days, you’re going to accomplish the equivalent of four to five months of traditional therapy, and you won’t have all that starting, stopping, and waiting.

  • Sixteen hours of private therapy Friday through Sunday. You can share with Rob your most personal concerns without running out of time.
  • Four Hours of post intensive sessions by video conference. Work smart and pre-load your intensive with two hours of video conferencing with Rob. Once home, back fill your intensive with two hours of aftercare video sessions.
  • Christian Spiritual Formation applied to recovery. Learn how to customize Rob’s nine-step  Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™, and see how recovery works from the inside out (from your heart to your behaviors, with God, and toward others).
  • Whole Person Care. Learn how to connect the dots between your spirit, mind, and body rather than settling for superficial behavioral strategies.
  • Interdependent Recovery for the Two of You. Rather than having two independent recoveries that may never connect, or co-dependent recoveries that remain flawed, learn how recovery as individuals contributes to a one-flesh, interdependent union.
  • Handouts and homework. Customize your recovery, and return home with a personalized plan that you can measure and sustain.
  • Aftercare. Join Rob weekly for a webinar and a live Q&A session and continue your recovery with an anonymous, online community of alumni. 


"You were the first counselor I found online that really put “Bible” over “psychology” without avoiding psychology."

"Our counseling intensive gave us hope for putting our marriage back together. Rob provided us with a wealth of ways to understand ourselves, how sin effects a relationship, and pointed us back to God as the Author of healing brokenness. Since our time with Rob, he has continued to touch base with us and encourage our progress toward healing. We are grateful for his insight, his heart to see marriages restored, and his focus on The Lord."

"We were so impressed with Rob and his balance of Biblical truth and compassion for us. I, as the wife of a sex addict, felt completely cared for and ministered to throughout the week."

"I called the counselor at Focus on the Family, and she recommended you to us for sex addiction issues. I then was able to go to your website to listen to the video and read more. After giving this info to our local counselor, checking out other counselors and much prayer we decided that this was the direction that God was sending us."

"During our week… we learned a lot about who we are, our families of origin, and many things that fed into this addiction. Both of us were able to realize things and work on our own issues in order to overcome the sex addiction. It was very difficult to find Christian organizations that special in sex addiction. I was very relieved, grateful, and even surprised when I heard about your ministry. It helped us so much to understand more about addictions and to learn that we are certainly not the only ones going through this. Rob was very knowledgeable about this area, and it was such a help to us to learn how to deal with all the things we are going through. "

"After some research and talking personally with Rob, our pastor recommended that we come to you. He trusted Focus on the Family and felt that Rob was the best of the best. We trust our pastor immensely and after looking at the website online, we were convinced that this was the right place to go."

"We haven’t had a lot of experience with counseling, but we knew that we needed an extended time of concentrated counseling. It also needed to be in a place other than where we live. Colorado Springs was a beautiful place to come to even though we had to deal with some really ugly stuff. The amount of time each day was perfect and felt very healthy and balanced."

"I loved the nature of the intensive and all that you can cover in that time. Aldo, Rob helped me to understand the connection between counseling and our relationship to Christ and the Holy Spirit in our lives."

"We are thrilled with the whole experience. I am amazed at the amount of followup we get with no additional cost to us. I was so impressed by the fact that Rob looked at my husband before we left and said that he would be “honored” to pray for him after we got back home. It was compassionate and really above and beyond. "

"I don’t think that all counselors put as much of themselves into their counseling as Rob. I felt that he truly knows the meaning of compassionate listening. "

"“I have known Rob Jackson for many years as a counselor and servant in ministry. He is a man of great integrity and professional skill. His goal is always to help his clients reach their potential in Christ. Rob is a strong combination of grace and truth as he serves others with compassion and skill. I recommend him without reservation."

Rick Schatz
President and CEO of pureHope

"“I have had quite a bit of experience working with counselors particularly in regard to pornography addiction. Rob stands out as one of the very best (if not the best) as I found him to be truly caring, sensitive, understanding and full of wisdom – particularly Biblical wisdom. Whenever a situation arises where someone is struggling with a pornography addiction, Rob is the one I usually turn to first. I highly recommend Rob Jackson.”"

Bill Johnson
President, American Family Association of Michigan

"“I have known Rob for several years and respect him as a Christian counselor. I have referred several clients to him and with confidence will do so again. He is a skilled professional with a lot to offer. I highly recommend him.”"

George Stahnke
President, Renewal Ministries of Colorado Springs

"Rob Jackson is, in my opinion as a colleague and friend, a spiritually gifted new talent on God’s horizon. He his a teacher with strong convictions, and a proponent of God’s Word, manifested through his disciplined Godly walk, work ethic, concern for his targeted client population, and his writings that we have been privileged to read. I believe his Iceberg model has excellent potential for helping people come to terms with their addictions and grown in their recovery. I’m pleased to hear that it has already been helpful to many. I look forward to seeing Rob continue developing his fresh ideas into solid, workable, clinical theory and application, to the glory of God and the benefit of all of our clients."

Daniel E. Fry, Psy.D.
The Shepherd’s Clinic for Psychological Services - Gig Harbor, WA

"Thank you for your participation and your support of the Greater Grand Rapids Community Marriage Policy and the Pine Rest Family Institute by your assistance in the Marriage and Family Building Series. As you can see from the enclosed evaluation, your presentation was well received and was of great benefit to those that attended. My staff received many positive and appreciative comments about your presentation."

Mark C. Eastburg, Ph.D., Executive Director
Pine Rest Family Institute - Grand Rapids, MI

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