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Appearances Can be Deceiving But Spiritual Formation is Reality

By all appearances, I should have known something about Christian spiritual formation. From birth to 35 years of age, my spiritual pedigree included the grace of having had two Christian parents, weekly church attendance and participation, conversion and baptism at eight years of age, a bachelor degree from a conservative Christian college, bi-vocational experience in the ministry, and ordination in the ministry both as a deacon and minister. 

But appearances can be deceiving.

Besides my spiritual pedigree, I added spiritual exercises including prayer and Bible study. Still, I remained unchanged.

Despite sincerity and good intentions, I knew nothing of Christian spiritual formation. To put it more succinctly, I knew nothing of how to be more like Christ. 

Spiritual Formation Is Reality 

Some time ago, I discovered that spiritual formation is a reality. Every person is an eternal spirit being formed into what he or she will be forever. This ongoing process can be...

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