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I’m Rob Jackson, and I’ve had the delight of serving Christians and their families for over thirty years as a Licensed Professional Counselor. For most of that time I focused on helping believers impacted by internet pornography addiction. As rewarding as that work was, I began to feel like I was running an ambulance at the bottom of a cliff, picking up one broken family at a time after the damage was already done. So, I began looking for a way to go up and put guard rails and warning signs at the top of that ledge!

Today I’m grateful to introduce to you that higher focus. The Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™ equips Christians to form their identity in Christ, heal from the hurts of life, and prevent or resolve all kinds of unwanted behaviors. Leaving behind the clinical, medical model of psychological testing and diagnosis, I’m embracing the Gospel psychology that nurtures the whole person: body, mind, and spirit.

I invite you to explore this site and discover opportunities for your own healing, such as

  • Free resources and articles on the difficult topics impacting today’s Christian
  • A weekly telephone/internet support group on my Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™
  • Long-distance coaching by telephone or video conference for personal growth, difficult relationships, and unwanted behaviors
  • Brief pastoral care intensives available on-site at my office in Colorado Springs, CO
  • Weekend workshops for men in pursuit of sexual integrity
  • Church-based seminars and training on my Iceberg Model of Christian Spiritual Formation™

If you have any questions or would like to talk about your situation, please contact me.


Rev. Rob Jackson, MS, LPC, BC-TMH, Founder
ChristianCounsel Ministries™


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